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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Socialize with Business Intent!

Did You Know: 52% of online consumers are influenced to make a purchase after interacting with the brand on Facebook! 71% of consumers who are catered good social media customer service experience are likely to recommend your brand to others! With a 2.80 billion global social media users, brands have been able to reach out to only 37% of all the active users. With proper social media marketing services to promote your brand through proper channels, your business prospects are unlimited in the social domain!

Today, social media marketing is not only a vital part of the digital marketing services. It is rather the flag bearer of your brand’s marketing efforts. Our social media marketing services not only helps you build a great presence and reputation in the market, it also helps your brand take advantage of the two-way conversations (between potential customers and brands) on social networks. Our involvement in the core social media areas helps you enhance the brand awareness among the potential customers. With our social media tactics and strategies, businesses can turn a casual profile visit into a sales generating opportunity!

Why Choose DigitalKul for Social Media Marketing Services?

  • Specialists in the Trade: Social media marketing is not just one among the many digital marketing services that we offer. This is a different genre of work altogether for us. We have a specialized team with in depth knowledge about social media channels, that helps you leverage the benefits.
  • Realistic Campaigns and Strategies: Unlike other Internet marketing services agencies we do not adopt hurried approach. We perform a thorough research to create a plan with realistic, measurable, specific and time-lined goals.
  • It’s all about Research: We understand that social media campaigns achieve their targets only when there is a thorough research into target consumers and key competitors performed, before the initiation of work.
  • Content is the Gasoline: We believe that the content you post on the social sites is the gasoline that thrusts your brand forward on these crowded channels. This is why we spent a lot of time in penning and visualizing the social media posts.
  • Brand Tone Judgment: No two brands interact in the same way. How effectively you are able to set the brand tone and then interact with the visitors is the key differentiator between success and failure in the social media world.
  • Transparent Client Communications: With their busy schedules the well known digital marketing service agencies cannot provide what we are capable. We make sure that the client is kept informed and in the loop regarding the project progress. We value your suggestions and like to get your feedback on key strategies and actions.

Our Effective Process

We understand that before investing in social media marketing services you would be having many questions. Let us clear some of these, by elaborating our thoughtful and effective social media marketing process:

  • Scope Understanding: When you contact us, we try to understand your expectations and what you want to achieve with the social media marketing campaigns. We would gather information about your business, competitors and target customers in this stage.
  • Project Initiation: Once the payment is released we would allocate a social media marketing professional or team (depending on the magnitude of the project). Client would be allocated a dedicated project manager, responsible for all communications.
  • Conceptualization: In this stage we would set strategies in motion to build a great social media presence and set timelines for various goals. The overall plan and strategies would be shared to the client for approval.
  • Brand Building: Once the plans are approved, we would get down to creating new profiles or adjusting the existing ones on all potential social media channels. The brand tone and messaging is often decided in this stage.
  • Setting the Tempo: After profiles are created and other associated tasks are completed, we get down to the core aspect of posting and running campaigns based on pre-approved plans. We make sure that the postings hit the right chords for target customers.
  • Periodic Reports: We hold the client, most knowledgeable about the brand, and that is why we share periodic reports not only to keep you informed but also get key insights from your end.

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