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About Us - DigitalKul

DigitalKul is a leading Digital Marketing Hub for Training & Consultancy. Headquartered in the fast growing city from Noida (Delhi NCR) India, DigitalKul works to achieve the following objectives:

  1. High Quality Industry level Digital Marketing Educationin Digital Marketing and other in-demand technology courses.
  2. Practical, very effective and highly reasonable Digital Marketing Services
  3. Knowledge, employment, career, entrepreneurship and skill enhancement for all hub members
  4. Spreading, sharing and enhancing technology and Digital Marketing knowledge

DigitalKul is a part of renowned Kay Dee group which is into multiple businesses including retail, distribution, real estate etc. Established in 1988, the group is known for its financial strength, ethics, operational excellence and sales vigor.

Ways of working at DigitalKul

Fairness, ethics, transparency, truth and openness are the key elements imbibed into all members of DigitalKul. Punctuality, professionalism and simplicity can be seen in all our work.

Founder- Gagandeep Kohli

Gagandeep Kohli, a hardcore marketing professional and an entrepreneur with an experience of more than 15 years. He has a rich business and entrepreneurial work experience in varied fields of businesses’ including Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing and Education.

By qualification, Gagandeep is a Master in Business Administration from DFS, University of Delhi (Batch of 2002). He is also a Diploma holder in Foreign Trade and a Certified Digital Marketer. Strategizing Digital Marketing for various businesses, understanding various business models, designing selling tactics for brands, business efficiency tactics, business marketing conceptualization and implementation are his forte. He is a Yoga lover and enjoys flexing his body on various asanas too!

Connecting with him is easy on his Linkedin profile:

Team at DigitalKul

Naveen Bhardwaj

Naveen Bhardwaj

Naveen, a sharp, shrewd and fast Digital Marketer and an amazing achiever with a Digital Marketing experience of more than 9 years. He has an exceptional understanding of all Digital Marketing tactics in the book and a few outside the book. He is used to taking up challenges in SEO rankings and delivery them. He has a lot of positivity and enjoys teaching Digital Marketing to students at DigitalKul.

Jagan Parida

Jagan Parida

Jagan, is an experienced Digital Marketer with experience in Real Estate, Ecommerce and Media. An astute learner, Jagan is a keen learner and researcher. He is always excited about new Digital Marketing tools or changes done by Google. He specializes in web visitors through Social Media Marketing.


Rohit Adhikari

Rohit, is a paid marketing specialist at DigitalKul. With all 5 years of his experience in paid marketing, he enjoys working with short time lines, budgeting and lead ROIs. He likes to be hands on to his Digital Marketing campaigns and is available 24/7 while working on the campaigns.


Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj, is a high level programmer and a very smart Digital Marketer. MCA by qualification, he is an expert at Java, and HTML. With more than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, he is capable of developing short websites or landing pages which are essential for quick execution of Digital Marketing campaigns.

Connect with us at DigitalKulfor getting insights as to how your business can leverage the benefits of Digital Marketing. Connect with us at or call us at +91-8750044680