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Corporate Training-Digital Marketing

Corporate Training-Digital Marketing

Corporate training in Digital Marketing

Corporate training in Digital Marketing is often sought for by brands, companies and institutions. DigitalKul provides offsite corporate training in digital marketing.

Call us at +91-8750044680, 0120-4730209 or email us at to get a customized corporate training plan.

Digital marketing is now a requirement for all fields and functions. It is of importance to various functions as below:

  1. Digital Marketing for sales professionals
    1. Helps in enhancing sales through various digital marketing methods
    2. Enhances reach to the channel partners and thus provides more points of sales
  1. Digital marketing for Administrative staff
    1. Helps in better & lower cost procurement of material
    2. Establishing new vendors and suppliers
  1. Digital Marketing for marketing professionals
    1. Helps in promoting brand and products
    2. Spreading information on new products, videos of product usages, developing a new product line etc.
    3. Reputation building
  1. Digital Marketing for HR professionals
    1. Helps in floating new job opportunities
    2. Opens up more ways of finding talent
    3. Building brand reputation with the help of CSR, employee benefits and organization culture.

Duration of corporate training on digital marketing

The corporate training on digital marketing can be arranged for 1-3 days. The length of the training depends on the number of topics that need to be covered. We can have session with a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing or training which specialize in some topics like, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, SEO Training, Adwords training , Analytics training etc.

Location of Corporate training on Digital Marketing

We generally conduct training at your office/premises. This is done to avoid travelling time of your staff. For Delhi NCR, we are open to provide training at our office in Sector-63, Noida. Our office has a training space for up to 50 people.

We at DigitalKul will be happy to partner in your success from digital marketing. We will be happy to conduct a training session in your office/ premises. Do call us at +91-8750044680, 0120-4730209 or email us at to get a customized corporate training plan.

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