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How to Create a Newsletter that recipients want to read?

How to Create a Newsletter that recipients want to read?

I’m sure, the statement I am about to make would startle you: Newsletters are in vogue right as we speak. Though there is an old school of thought, that emails (with their modern day filters and preferences of recipients) have become a thing of the past. But that is not true. Successful brands are utilizing the newsletters to their good advantage, with millions of subscribers to their mailing list! So, while you focus on many other happening channels of digital marketing, do not forget to also use the newsletters for brand promotion.

During your digital marketing course you would have been taught to approach each of the marketing channels with a slightly different attitude. But the problem with newsletters is, marketers are reluctant to fit their approach in tune with the requisites of this channel and that leads to failure in newsletter marketing. So, let us give you some tips. 

  • Make it News-worthy: Many brands utilize the newsletters as their scopes to keep the recipients informed about the niche specific top news of the day. Though this is curated content, but the trick lies in choosing the best news among hundred others. Newsletters should be utilized just like a newspaper, allowing the recipient to learn most relevant and updated information about the topics he/she likes. When you attain this goal, your newsletter would be read on a regular basis. Now, I do not need to tell you the new opportunities that would open up!
  • The Personalized Information: Again, there might be hundred products your brand is dealing with, but the recipient is not interested to learn and read about all of them. As an example: you sell a range of electronics goods, but the recipient is only interested in learning about new mobile launches and Bluetooth headsets. By allowing the recipient to select some categories or even topics, you are catering to his/her interest. If the recipient finds news to liking landing up in the inbox, it will be read!
  • Go for Lists: Once a week, you can furnish some listings. Again, if you are selling computer accessories, for an example, send out a special edition on Friday telling the recipients which are the top selling laptops from your store. May be you could include the customer ratings and some ratings to support your listing. This type of analytical lists keeps the recipients up to date with the things they are interested in, and thus they receive a high open rate.
  • Remain Exclusive: If information is the most important thing in newsletters, freebies and offers are the next most alluring aspects. But all the deals should be exclusive. Only the email subscribers receive these deals. May be you can make the deals public, but only a couple of days after the newsletter has been sent. Such deals, keep the recipients interested and your newsletter rates go up.
  • Focus on Recipients and results will follow: Unlike other marketing channels, while planning for newsletters you have to only care about the likes and dislikes of the recipients. If you can dish out an attractive list of topics then you will arouse the “looking forward” factor. They will wait impatiently for your next newsletter edition, and that is a sign of your success.

So, planning for a newsletter that is opened is not that tough after all, is it?


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