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How To Choose A Digital Marketing Consultancy?

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Consultancy?

Digital Marketing is a relatively new field with not so many known Digital Marketing Consultancy firms. The consumers who look for digital marketing firms have low knowledge about digital marketing. Therefore it’s a common question as to how one should decide upon a digital marketing consultancy. What are the factors that should be kept in mind while making the selection?

Understanding the Business

While deciding upon a digital marketing, you are looking for a partner for your business, someone who would lead your business from the front and would be directly touching upon your customers. The consultancy firm must have a good business understanding of your business. A smart group of people with good business understanding are much better than someone whose isn’t able to connect with your business.

Client List and achievements of the firm

A good digital marketing consulting firm must be very confident and sure of its work. Such a firm would happily share its client details and will be thrilled to tell you about their achievements while working for them. If the consultancy firm doesn’t bring this on table, then do ensure that you ask them about their client list and what work they did for them. You must evaluate the work before deciding upon the consultancy firm.

Practicing what they are Preaching

You may or may not know about digital marketing, but you must be smart enough to evaluate the points they tell you in the meeting. Note down the points given by the consultancy in your meetings with them. Evaluate their website or their current customer’s websites and see if the consultancy is actually practicing what they are preaching.

Updated about the latest in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a highly evolving part of IT services. The methods, ways and processes are consistently changing. You will be in safe hands if your prospective consultancy firm is updated about the latest trends. Check their blog/ updates. If they aren’t updating their blog/social media or are not sharing their digital marketing knowledge, then they aren’t right people to work with. A look at their Twitter/ Facebook account could be handy.

Local consulting firm is better

Digital Marketing consultancy should be nearby. All members of the consultancy firm who are working on your project must be easily accessible. Face to face meetings are of critical importance in ensuring the marketing objectives are passed onto the consultancy firm’s team in the best possible way. So a close by firm is highly recommended


Last but not least, the consultancy firms charge very differently. The range of their fees could vary a lot. Keeping all the above factors in mind, you should choose a consultancy firm which fits your budget.

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