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How to create a great digital marketing plan?

How to create a great digital marketing plan?

As you might have learnt during the digital marketing training at any reputed institute, setting a good digital marketing plan is the first step towards achieving your business goals. Just in case you are looking for a digital marketing training than one of the best courses available are from DigitalKul. Having a plan in front of you helps businesses keep things under tab and measure the achievements constantly. Comprehensive digital marketing plans can serve as a guide to day-to-day marketing activities as walls as lead to the maximum utilization of all available resources. But, as a digital marketer preparing such a plan can be an intimidating proposition. Questions like: “where do I start?” “What do I include?” – will quickly fog your mind. Sp, let us show you how it is done (and maybe you can customize a bit to come up with a great plan!).

  • Set SMART Goals: Your digital marketing plan should always account for the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). You have to be specific about the end goal. You have decided whether the end goal is to increase the traffic to website or generate more leads or sales. There has to be a benchmark set, which would help the business access the success or failure of present marketing endeavors. The goals that you set should be measured against attainability. Based on you budget, time and resources can the goals be attained? Double check, whether the key marketing functions and the channels are ideal to help you attain the goals? Finally, set a time limit on the goals, it helps you measure the campaign performances as well as the budgets.
  • Set Targets for High Value Customer Acquisition: Priority should be set on acquiring customers for whom your products or services would be useful. Make sure that the target customers fit into the sales profile of the business. Once you have reached out to the accurate customer segment, the next step is to retain them. You would want to build a large group of brand loyalists. The benefit of having repeat customers is that marketing budgets can be significantly slashed to achieve such sales!
  • Reach and Convince the Prospects: A digital marketing plan thrives only when it systematically includes the customer feedback mechanism. Every brand out there is trying to reach out to their loyal customers and ask for their feedback. The interview should be based on their expectations and how your brand can better serve them. Such feedbacks, when implemented in the marketing plan can keep the loyalists happy as well as serve as a guide to better target the users segment.
  • The Marketing Tactics: There are many ways to market a website and its offerings in the digital world. But prominent marketing activities would cost you. So, the best thing is to engage in all the activities (such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click, e-mail, etc.) but keep some goals and budgetary limits for each. Setting goals for each marketing activity is essential if you do not want to overspend and not achieve the end results. Changes should be brought about when a certain activity is not bearing the expected results.
  • Competitor Research: Many marketing gurus would list this as the first step, but no let us use the competitor research just as a screening. If your customers have leapfrogged ahead of you, on the virtue of some marketing highlights you should of course take a note of that. But you should still remain original in your list of goals.

So, it was not that hard, was it? For more information on Digital Marketing connect with us at DigitalKul.


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