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Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy for any generic website is an important aspect, for an eCommerce website it becomes very critical.

Preparing a digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce business can be difficult. You need to create a brand, recall and also drive sales. The focus on speed to market is very important. It’s enough to create a confused state of mind. Digital Marketing needs to be planned well to give clear defined goals. Here are some points that one should remember while planning digital marketing for an eCommerce business:

Identifying the target market

The first step is to identify your target customers. Category of people you would like to reach with your marketing efforts. A marketing strategy without a target customer is no strategy. Some questions need to be answered, like, who uses the product or service? What factors affect their buying decisions? Where do they collect the information before buying?

Answers to these questions will enable you to reach the best set of people who would be interested in your product/service. Also, the way of communication is to be identified to ensure that, the language and the tone of communication is as per the target customers.

Marketing goals

The second point is to list down the goals of the digital marketing campaign. A brainstorm exercise must be conducted between all the team members and you need to list all possible objectives that you wish to achieve through this digital marketing exercise. Following things must be the basis of making the goals:

  • Clear: Clarity in goals is of high importance.
  • Way to measure: The goal must be measurable in numbers.
  • Possibility: The goal must be a level which is achievable
  • Timeline: Time is costly. Each goal must have a set timeline.

Creating goals keeping the above mentioned points will result in measurable, actionable objects against which you can measure your success and progress. You should not have loose, unclear, unquantifiable goals. One tends to lose focus if the goals are not clear enough.


Marketing could be an expensive affair. You must prepare a budget according to the goals set by you. Budgeting the cost is of very high importance for the sustenance of the business. The budget could be small or large, but whatever it is, it must be written along with the list of goals. The time line across which such a budget is to spent must also be laid down. Spending all the money at one time is not advisable, so I would suggest, spread your budget over next few months. This will help you take wiser decisions on the money spent.

Execution of Digital Marketing Strategy

Last but not least is the execution of your digital marketing plan. A successful marketing plan must have a spread out budget for over at least 3 months of effort to get real business benefits. This expense must be taken as an investment. The initial marketing efforts should focus on engagement and brand awareness. Thereafter investment is required for organic and SEO work. Once the business is up and running you can spend on paid digital marketing plans. Some of the options available at this stage are as below:

  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing
  • Social engagement: Blog posts and social media interaction
  • Content marketing: Creation and Posting of good quality and creative content.
  • PPC Campaigns: Creating paid campaigns to get quick results
  • Youtube paid Ads: With 4G available to most of us in India, youtube is becoming extremely popular. Paid ads on Youtube can get the required awareness in quick time.
  • Shopping Ads: Shopping ads are specially made for ecommerce. Putting ads of popular products can bring more customers to your ecommerce site.


Wishing you all the best for your digital marketing and ecommerce business


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