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Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing workshop, Seminar or corporate training are a forte of DigitalKul. If you are a school, college, university, institution or a company looking to get a seminar on Digital Marketing, then call us at +91- 8750044680, 0120-4730209 or email us at

Workshop for college and corporate training by DigitalKul on Digital Marketing

As India swiftly moves toward getting digital, need of providing digital marketing skills to your students and staff becomes essential. Digital marketing knowledge enhances the quality of education for your students. For a corporate, the sales, marketing, procurement, HR and admin functions require digital marketing training for their better and higher value addition to the organization.

DigitalKul provides Offsite trainings,workshops and seminars at your campus or office. Following are the various options in the offsite workshops or training:

  1. Workshop on Digital Marketing
    1. Typically for 1-3 days
    2. Includes all aspects of digital marketing
    3. Provides a broad overview of all topics of Digital Marketing
  2. Workshop on Social Media Marketing
    1. Typically for 1-2days
    2. Includes detailed study of various important social media platforms
    3. Helps in providing expertise in social media presence & marketing
  1. SEO Training
    1. Typically for 1-2 days
    2. Trains SEO tactics, strategy and methods for best search engine optimization results
    3. Guides your students or staff to understand the working of search engines, their search results and to improve search rankings.
  2. PPC Corporate Training
    1. Typically for 1-2 days
    2. Educates the corporate team members the best way to use paid advertising through search ads, display and video ads.
    3. Budgeting, return on investments and lead optimization is of key importance in this training.

Locations for workshops

We have provided workshops, corporate training, seminar on digital marketing in cities including Patna, Cochin, Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ghaziabad etc. We provide these workshops all across the world.

Time duration of the Digital Marketing Workshop

The workshops time duration depends on the audience and your requirement. For schools, we have conducted digital marketing workshops for half day. For some corporate we have conducted workshops running for 4 days. We can discuss this in detail over phone at +91-8750044680.

Charges for the workshop

Charges for the workshop depend on the requirements, time, audience size etc. We have provided such workshops for audience ranging from 10 to 200 people.

Equipment required for the workshop

We need a projector, white board, marker, internet, speaker and microphone to conduct this seminar or workshop.

Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing

DigialKul, is happy to get associated with schools, colleges and universities. We do look for guest lecture opportunities to interact with students.

Call us at +91- 8750044680, 0120-4730209 or email us at

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