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7 Tips to Boost Email Marketing Campaign Performance

7 Tips to Boost Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Email marketing Campaign is one of the most effective Digital Marketing tools. It is an excellent way to convert the prospective customers and also to stay in touch with the existing customers.

Creating an email list is a tedious process. The ability to reach your consumers through emails gets a big boost with the help of a good quality email list. Email marketing provides a lot of data to evaluate the marketing campaign’s performance and to improve the next campaigns. Review of an email marketing plan could tell you more about the open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, complaints etc.

So what all can you do to enhance the results from your Email Marketing Campaign?

7 things that you should take care of while planning for your Email Marketing Campaign:

Personalize your email

With hundreds of emails dropping in one’s inbox, people are used to deleting emails as soon as they feel that it isn’t of use. Emails which are not personalized and start with a general hi or hello are bound to get deleted on arrival. Naming recipient boosts the email open rate and the overall campaign performance.

Differentiate your subject like, may be through Emojis.

All of us tend to open those emails which are important and the ones, which look to be different. Using Emoji could be a nice way to catch attention, especially if the target audience is less than 30 years in age. Differentiated emails have a much better chance of getting opened and read.

Testing and Deciding the best Time slot

Emails marketing effectiveness depends a lot on the time zone in which the email has been sent. Try and test various time slots and the results from them to decide the best time slot. Each target audience is expected to react differently depending on the time slot the email reaches their inbox.

Double Interest List

Out of the list of prospective customers, there are always some very positive ones. A smaller list of these double interest customers can be created. This list should be carefully sent all emails and a higher conversion is expected from them.

Segment your email list

Different people get attracted to different messages. Some like to discount offers, some like coupons, some want the best deals etc. Segmenting your email list and approaching each segment differently could boost the results significantly.

Using Custom screen responsive email service

As lots of people now open the emails on mobile phones or tablets, the email newsletter must be custom screen responsive. Ensuring the responsiveness you make sure that all of the prospective customers are reading your emails properly. It does not involve much cost but has a huge impact on the performance of your email marketing campaign.

Clear & defined call-to-action

Results or the conversions are the measures of success for all Email Marketing Campaigns. The email must have a very clearly call-to-action. You must take your lead forward towards closure. This could be asking for the personal details, visiting another page or making a call. An email campaign without a clear call-to-action will have a very low success rate.

Wishing you all the very best for your email campaigns.

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