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Email Marketing: 4 tips to make sure they are opened

Email Marketing: 4 tips to make sure they are opened

While businesses are spending a lot of time in planning and sending out marketing emails, they are not quite utilizing the complete potential of this great prospect. Did you know: in 2016, more than 26% of all marketing emails were sent into the Spam or Trash folders, without the recipient even opening them? So, it is a big challenge to make the recipients to open an email. No matter how great a deal you offer, if the email is never opened all your efforts go in vain. So, while many digital marketing courses would teach you how to plan for an email marketing campaign, they have to now consider teaching the pupils on the art of overcoming the first big obstacle – improving the open rates.

There is no complex science involved in improving the open rates of your marketing emails. You can attain that by following some basics, coupled with some creative thinking. Here are some advices that would come in handy for you: 

  • Ideal Length of Subject Line: One of the myths about emailers is: you should keep their subject line within the average character limit of 60-70. In fact, a research shows that emailers with subjects in this average limits have the lowest open rates. Subject lines in the length of more than 70 characters have high open rates. While the present day, ideal length of a subject line should be below 50 characters, which encourages the recipients not only to open but also go through the mail.
  • Carry the Value Proposition: There are too many email subject lines that talk about the features and forget to target the benefits to the recipient. Suppose, your organization is launching a new mobile phone with a longer battery life. Now, there would be a group of marketers who would quickly fix a subject line “A mobile with extended battery life”. This is talking about the feature. You should rather talk about the benefit: “A mobile that does not run out of power”. Now, that will make the recipient curious!
  • Personalize or not: Another myth that email marketers have followed over the years is to personalize the emails with names of the recipient. The problem with that is; you are never sure whether the name displayed in the email address is the actual name of the recipient. An example would be from a person whose name is Samuel Black, while his email address is: So, when you are personalizing you are addressing Samuel Black as Mr. idream94. Now, that would not please him and cannot be seen as personalized communication. So, the best solution is to go ahead with a simple “Hi”.
  • Start with a Continuation of Subject Line: The purpose of your email campaign is to earn leads, and that would not come unless the recipient reads through your entire mail. Many marketers err here; they start with a completely different text than what was claimed in the subject line. There are a high percentage of recipients who close the mail after 11 seconds, and that is where you have to carry forward the value proposition. You have to link the introduction with the subject and impress the recipient.

With high open rates and participation, you can attain the end goals the email marketing campaign was supposed to achieve.

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