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How to utilize curated content for Facebook Marketing?

How to utilize curated content for Facebook Marketing?

Every brand understands the potential of Facebook in their marketing mix. While some brands can afford to have a large social media and content teams, others have to look for alternatives. Recent statistics suggests: best brands remain active on Facebook through at least two posts per day. Now, posting anything and everything does not work for your brand. So, you have to be on the lookout for fresh industry specific content. posting anything and everything does not work for your brand. So, you have to be on the lookout for fresh industry specific content. This is where curated content is the life source for many Facebook campaigns. Yes, you heard it right your page can gain in popularity with a content that is not your own, or posted at your website.

Industry experts believe, according to the recent best practices of Facebook marketing, 50% of the content used in social media could be curated (or shared from other reputed sites), 20% of it could be your own, while the 30% bracket should be fun filled (and it does not matter whose content it is!). So, based on this new logic it is important to include and plan well for the use of curated content. While you may have learned a lot of tricks of Facebook marketing from the digital marketing training courses, I bet you have not learned the art of planning for curated content. 

  • Hunt for good curated content: There is a lot of (your) industry specific news being published on the web every day. And no matter how dedicated your social media team is they cannot learn about everything. This is why you need to remain a hunter for great news. You would find some significant help during this search from news aggregators such as Feedly, Flipboard, DrumUp and their likes. Apart from these, you can also subscribe to some industry leading newsletters. These would give you a fair idea about the hot news for the day and even the week. 
  • Match the relevance: There is no point in sharing anything and everything that looks good from the top. Someone has to shortlist content which can be published. But then there has to be another to read through the curated content list and match it for company specific relevance. Suppose there is a great article on an all new Samsung phone release. Though you sell smart phones, but you do not deal with Samsung. Then the content is not relevant for your sake, until you include Samsung phones to your catalog. 
  • Stick to a Schedule: Once you start working with curated content, it would be really hard to fix a schedule. So, before starting the work there has to be a pre-set schedule. News doesn’t go stale in a single day in Facebook, if it is used wisely. While you may have the urge to push something interesting through, it is always wise to stick to a schedule. The ideal time to post would be between 10 AM -5 PM. Keep the Thursdays and Fridays for company specific news and views. Monday and Tuesday could be used for some fun as well as niche specific news posting. Wednesdays work best with interviews and statistics. Try to post some original content from your side in the morning slots (among the two posts) of Facebook posting, as that shows your authority.

With interesting, fun filled and informative mix of curated content you will no longer need to stretch your resources to keep the Facebook page going.


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