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4 Google Analytics Report Indicators that help businesses grow

4 Google Analytics Report Indicators that help businesses grow

One of the important lessons you learn in digital marketing courses is to help the clients make a meaning of the complex list of Google Analytics reports. If you do wish to get trained in Google Analytics, you may join a certification course in Analytics with DigitalKul. Now, Google Analytics opens up new opportunities for the business owners, and an integration of this is essential for any website. But, you as a digital marketing expert would be able to make a good sense of all the reports, the client cannot be expected to do so. When they are confronted with so much of data, they will be flummoxed and not be able to utilize it the way needed. There are so many reports coming from the robust Google Analytics platform, how many do you customize and send to the clients? That is where we are here to help you. We would tell you just which reports are most important than the others. Maybe you can have these in your primary bucket and then include others, depending on the existing project or business need. 

  • Customer Acquisition Report: Every business yearns for revenues and this report tells them a lot about where the revenues are coming from. The report would show the businesses from where the customers are landing at their website and which channels are contributing the most towards their everyday revenues. The e-commerce data should be broken down into important categories such as average order value, total revenue and conversion rates. A look through this report would help the business managers understand which channels need more marketing focus. 
  • Organic Traffic Landing Page Report: Every website, at least to a minimum runs a SEO campaign to boost their traffic. But this report does not take into account the visitors who came to the website through the pre-listed and optimized keywords. So, it gives the web masters an idea about 100% organic traffic. It also tells the clients, which of their web pages receives maximum visits, thus making it clear which product or service is working well among the target customers. The organic traffic report can be used by businesses to boost the content or offers in the most visited pages or use the organic list of keywords to boost the traffic for other pages. 
  • Device Comparison Report: Even some years back there was no value in accessing this report, but not anymore. The popularity of mobile commerce has made it imperative for businesses to find how many people land their website through desktops/laptops as opposed to mobiles/tablets. Both these broad sets of visitors interact with the website in unique ways. So, the report would allow the businesses to learn better about their acquisition sources based on the devices. If the mobile website is earning high revenues, then the businesses can focus on building a great mobile website or even app! 
  • Time of Day or Day of Week Transaction Report: This report gives the business owners a complete idea about sales achieved in the past weeks. Apart from this, the report also shows which hours of the day and days of the week accounted for highest sales levels. So, it can be used to identify which hours of the day and days of the week need some extra marketing push and promotions, to escalate the sales figures even further. 

Insights are new age weapons in the business world to move ahead of the nearest competitors. If you, as a digital marketing expert can provide the clients with that, they will keep on working with you. Google Analytics is thus an important part of Digital Marketing Courses across the world.


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