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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

There are a lot of factors that contribute to making your blog post a success.

In fact, it’s possible (and even pretty common!) to be a great writer but not so great at blogging.

How’s that possible? Well, suppose you drafted an article that’s very well-researched and detailed and includes all the information your readers are looking for.

But it’s SO well-researched and informative that your paragraphs are really long and it’s hard to read. Maybe you forgot to add images or other media content in the fear of interrupting the flow of your article. Because it looks like a big wall of text, people are more likely to hit the “back” button than to stay and read the whole thing.

1) Choose a Good Topic

The first step in writing a great blog post is choosing the right topic.

You’ll need to find out what your followers want to know and read about, so your post will continue to get traffic after it’s published.

2) Research

Once you have your idea, make sure to research the front page of Google and your main competitors at this stage to see how you can improve on what’s out there.

3) Structure

The structure of your blog post is critical. A well-structured blog post is engaging, professional and easy-to-read.

4) Write like you talk

Writing like you’re talking to your reader can make them feel like they’re having a conversation with someone, rather than actually reading a post.

Your readers will feel like you’re talking to them one-one-one to help them figure out a problem that you can relate to. This is great for building a loyal readership.

5) Use Images for Visual Engagement

A simple image has the power to make a boring post much more fun and engaging.

What you fail to explain in words can be done with just a single image or a screenshot. Besides, it breaks the monotony of words and offers a refreshing visual break to the reader keeping them engaged for longer.

6) Brand and Voice

Make sure your posts convey your brand in terms of the voice you use. If your brand is all about professionalism, keep a highly professional tone in your posts. If you want to show you are friendly and progressive, more casual blog posts are appropriate.

7) Hook Your Readers with a Great Opening

If you can hook your readers with a good opening consider half your work to be done. Because if your introduction is boring, people wouldn’t bother to read the rest.

This is a great way to grab your readers’ attention, and they’ll definitely want to read it till the end in the hope of finding the solution.

8) SEO

If you think you know how to write a good blog post but it doesn’t get any traffic, you’re missing a step!
One of the key advantages of blog posts is they can help to drive traffic to your site through Google searches. To make sure this works you will need to make sure your posts are optimized for SEO.

You need to add a focus keyword, add a title with the keywords in it, and also add an SEO title and Meta description.Your text also needs to have more than 300 words. However, I would recommend you to keep your word count to at least 1000 words.Further, the images in your post need to be properly optimized too. Make sure they’re the right size and have descriptive names before you upload them. Each image should also have proper alt tags and categories.

9) Use Visual Elements

Visual elements such as graphics, charts, and info graphics significantly add to a blog post, making it far more engaging and readable. If you are an artist or designer, use this to your advantage by being sure to create and include awesome visual content as part of every blog post.

10) Publish at the right time

Now you’re ready to publish! The final step is to read out your post to yourself. This helps you identify errors and lets you rectify them before you hit the publish button. Do a quick read over for spelling and formatting but don’t waste too much time.

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