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Image Optimization is alive and kicking!

Image Optimization is alive and kicking!

There is a group of SEO experts who believe that Image Optimization is a practice of the past. With the new design of Google Images, the visitors who search for an image and find the relevant ones, are not routed to the website. They are rather given the option of just viewing the image or visiting the website. Most people tend to overlook the later. This is why, the person who sees your image might never actually visit your website. This has made many experts proclaim the death of image optimization. But there are always people who look through the image and then finally decide to visit the image for many other related shots. Have you thought about this scenario?

While participating in any digital marketing training program you must have been taught to plan for traffic. And image optimization, sure can bring traffic to the website and that too without any effort at all. You would otherwise post the images anyway, so what is the harm in spending some minutes extra and making the images Google or any other search engine friendly? The bonus you get out of it is a ready brand recall. Yes, when your images come up in relative searches, there are many people who admire them and then remember your brand. This again, helps you get seen in new circles, without spending anything extra.                                              

Business Niches that thrive on Image Optimization

Then there are certain niche businesses which would thrive if each and every of their online images were well optimized. Some such sectors are: 

  • Interior Decor & Home Furnishing: Yes, there are big brands in these domains, but you would be amazed to learn that the image search volumes for this niche business is at its highest. The psychology is that: people like to have choices. They would buy the best designed and looking item for their home, rather than sticking with brand loyalty. If they find your product images, they will definitely take a look at your website. And how would your images come up in relevant searches if they are not optimized?


  • Party Venues & Reception Halls: Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and their likes are special occasions in the life of people. They would not compromise with anything to make this day live on in the memories of all the guests. And their plans start, often with an image search on Google. They would take a look at the websites of the best looking party venues. 


  • Stock Image & Photography sites: If you are a newbie Stock Image site owner, the best way to reach out to the global audiences is to be found in related searches. Similar is the case with any photographer wanting to make it big. If your images are seen repeatedly, success will follow soon after. And your images will be seen when you follow the norms of image optimization.

Though, these three niche businesses are the forerunners in reaping the benefits of coming up in related image searches, but the philosophy is applicable for any other sector. An image can today do a lot for the sake of your online business, and image optimization provides it with the nourishment it needs to attain the goals. So, do you believe that – image optimization is alive, kicking and beneficial for your SEO plans?


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