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Online trainer led Digital Marketing Training vs Free Video training

Online trainer led Digital Marketing Training vs Free Video training

“Everything comes with a price. Everything. some things just cost more than others.”


When was the last time, you found a freebie really helpful? In most instances the answer would be – “Never”. Freebies are marketing gimmicks mostly with a costly undertone to it. So, while the word free online digital marketing training course” might be a great lure, you have to cast it aside and choose the real deal, because it is your career that is in question. There are thousands of free video training courses for digital marketing, SEO and SMM, but where do they reach you? “Nowhere” is the simplest answer.

Where does Free Video Training fail you?

Cast away all your pre-conceptions and whatever you have read online and just think: why would someone give out the best kept trade secrets for free? Why would someone put in years of expertize to train you without any benefits?

  • Generic Content: Most of the free online video tutorials are filled with generic content and lack the incisive insights needed to survive in the ever changing digital marketing scenario.
  • Backdated: There are many startups which use the free videos as a part of their promotional act. So, while they may offer great information at first, check for the upload date and you will find they were posted many months or even years ago. The fast moving world of digital marketing sees new changes every month, so by following these videos you are staying aloof from modern developments.
  • Humane Side: No matter how well prepared a video is, for a newbie into the sector, many questions are bound to crop up in the mind. And when it does who would answer your questions? Witnessing a free video is just an one-way mode of learning, which can never be sufficient!

Where online trainer led Digital marketing training courses from DigitalKul help?

Noida has developed into one of the leading IT hubs of the nation and with the help of DigitalKul’s  digital marketing course in Noida, you can maximize on great job opportunities available in this fast growing industry. The online training courses offered by the institute are conducted by experienced digital marketing experts with years of experience. Being one of the leading digital marketing institutes in India, the institute offers vast scopes for career enhancement. The highlights of their trainer led digital marketing training course are:

  • Easy to Digest: The course structure and content has been developed after much deliberation among a group of seasoned and successful digital marketing professionals in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The course structure not only teaches pupils all that is to know (including some trade secrets) about SEO, SMM, Google Analytics and Adwords  among other essential aspects, but also does so in a very easy to understand manner.
  • Instant Doubt Clearing: As mentioned before, during the online class you would have many doubts and these can be effectively answered or clarified by the seasoned trainers. When you are not clear about a certain aspect during the course, it can become a major roadblock for the future. So, get all those queries cleared.
  • Best of Both Worlds: The online and on-campus training courses have their own set of benefits. DigitalKul has tried to merge the benefits of both these to offer a great experience to the students. The students get to choose timings and days of their liking to attend the classes. They do not have to travel and yet they have an experienced trainer to guide them. These are just two of the many benefits of our model. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a prosperous career in digital marketing, visit


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