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How to plan for Image Posts on Facebook?

How to plan for Image Posts on Facebook?

Facebook brings a crowd of prospects for the brands. And most brands want to make the most of this opportunity. This again puts additional pressure on the persons responsible for planning the social media communications. Though, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Facebook marketing, there are some best practices which have worked for brands over the years. One such is the use of image posts on Facebook. When it comes to Facebook marketing, image posts are the most captivating tool. In a recent survey by Social Media Examiner, it was found that 74% of brands are using images heavily in their posts. Not only this, the survey conducted upon millions of active Facebook users found that more than 65% of respondents felt images as the most impressive part of social media brand communications.

So, you have to run with the flow to make the most of Facebook marketing. But then, that is stating the obvious. The problem arises when you have to plan for it. As a social media marketing planner you would ideally like to have a guide to planning for image posts that work. We would try to write about just that here.

Best Themes for Facebook Image Posts 

  • Funny Posts: Memes and trolls are everywhere you look in Facebook. Your brand might have a very professional look, but that does not keep you from utilizing the fun-factor so many people log in to Facebook for. All you need to do is tone down the humor (by making it more subtle). Think it out and you will come up with many amazing ideas. And ideas are something you cannot learn during digital marketing training!
  • Nostalgic Posts: If your target audiences are from 30 years and above, this is a sure shot formula for success. People, believe it or not, think of their past as the most ideal time. And by posting an image with that nostalgic, looking back factor you fuel their emotions. Nostalgic posts get a good number of shares and land you an opportunity to hunt for new leads.
  • Image Galleries: There are many brands that use a single image to tell about a new product launch. But, Facebook audiences want more. Yes, they will get other images of the same product on the website, but there is no harm in giving them more looking options. All it takes is to click images from different angles or of different color choices or variations. Give them that and you will find more leads actually ending up as sales.
  • Images of Real People: When people interact with a brand on Facebook, they want to have that “I-saw-it-first” factor. They want to see your office, people working in it and everything about the brand. So, alongside other posts you should also include shots of your office at work or while enjoying some fun filled moments. There are many businesses, which use Stock Images to show a well furnished office with empty chairs – that is such wastage of potential! 
  • Have Your Say Posts: Many businesses utilize the power of images to carry out polls. One such way is to showcase two or more products in an image and then ask the users to vote for the best or one that they have most probability to buy. Make sure that the responses are short and they are acknowledged quickly.

When you learn digital marketing, you are constantly told about the high value of images, and it cannot be truer than in Facebook marketing.


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