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Did You Know: 126 billion dollars are spent worldwide behind digital advertising! 89% of the traffic generated by Google search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads remain paused! Consumers who see the display ads are 155% more likely to search and reach out to the brand! With the competition for business getting more intense by the day, across all segments, every business owner wants to be seen in places where revenue generation opportunities lie. This is why brands have made paid digital advertising a core part of their marketing spending. Google and Facebook advertising today are seen as a great way to find new customers and penetrate new markets!

But having said that, not only paid digital marketing services campaigns can be successful. What differentiates the successful campaigns from the failed ones is the proper application of methodologies and research. This is where you can get a lead over your nearest competitors, if DigitalKul is your choice of paid digital advertising service partner. With our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the digital marketing services domain we have picked up a number of methods, which shall help you gain a lot of value.

Why Choose DigitalKul for Web Design and Development Services?

  • Our Track record: Whether you are a big brand, small or a relative new comer in the niche – we have the experience to tackle your paid campaigns. Our keen eye for results helps you stay clear of the competitors and reap the full benefits of paid digital advertising services.
  • Our Approach: For us Internet marketing services campaigns are like Science. We begin a campaign with information gathering and analyzing, then move over to set target customers, tweak the campaign and keep on monitoring it.
  • Ad Placements: We make sure that you get your money’s worth. Our professionals make sure your advertisements get seen in prominent places. Our relationships with the leading digital ad networks and online commercial agents help us give you the best media outreach.
  • Valued Content: There are many Internet marketing services agencies out there who rely on the clients to provide them with content. We do not believe in this. Ads are as good as their content. This is why we take it upon ourselves to create and share interest arousing content.
  • Red Carpet Customer Service: For us, clients deserve a Red Carpet attention and we leave no stone unturned to provide our clients with the utmost satisfaction.

The Cool Way to Earn Results

At DigitalKul we try to maximize the spending of our clients in every bit of the way. We believe that a brand should be able to gain immense monetary benefits by choosing us. Over the years, we have delighted clients with our paid digital advertising services, and it is our well thought out process that allows us to deliver timely results. So, let us tell you how we shall carry out the campaign for you.

  • Research and data gathering: We seek to eliminate the wasteful and untargeted spending of our clients. This is why, when you approach us our first task is to start gathering data about your business and researching the scopes for your brand. With this research we are able to identify right platforms and target audiences for our campaign.
  • Campaign Creation Planning: Once we have got an idea about the target customers and the promising platforms, we create an in depth plan that contains budgetary allocations for different platforms (based on their potential).
  • More Conversions at less Costs: Our professionals try to eliminate unnecessary spending wherever possible, while maximizing the conversion rates with our campaigns.
  • Regular Managing and Monitoring: Once the campaign gets underway, we get super excited. It is time to optimize and make daily changes to the campaign based on the statistics. We make sure that prompt actions are taken to provide benefits to brands.
  • Thorough Testing: Testing is at the core of all our paid digital advertising services. We test out different variations that may positively impact the outcome of your campaign.
  • Detailed Reporting: Our easy to comprehend reporting structure would contain all the essential pointers, helping the clients identify the progress of their campaign.

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