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Content Marketing Course

Digital marketing course Noida
Digital marketing course Noida

About Instructor

Content Marketing Courses are in high demand and have lately become important for anyone who is in the field of marketing or brand development.

Content Marketing is much more than simple advertising. It is about showing the visitor who you are, as opposed to telling them about yourself. The way businesses interact with their customers is changing rapidly. Due to the rise of various social media platforms, brands have to communicate much more than before and that too, effectively and efficiently. The quality of communication is of significant importance too.

It is communication that creates loyalty and trust within a customer. Advertising messages are no longer desirable! Communication that brings the customer into your social circle is now of significance. Advice, engaging stories and information of interest are the best ways to communicate.

Content marketing course will help you build a quality content marketing effort. You will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Building a community of loyal customers

Sharing quality information can help you build a tightly connected community of customers. Customers which shall remain loyal to you, always!

  1. Creating brand as an authority

Goodand useful content delivered on a regular basis makes your brand an authority on your subject.

  1. Knowing your customer

Content sharing on Social media involves getting feedbacks, reviews and answers from your customers. This enables you to know more about your customers.

  1. Garnering good SEO rankings

A good content marketing effort will bring in more engaged visitors to your website. Visitors, who will spend time on your website, will view multiple pages, will try to call you through the website and will leave feedback on your blogs. So, all in all it will benefit your SEO rankings.


  1. What is content marketing?
  2. Do you have anything new to write?
  3. Is there a difference between content creation, and copy writing and editing?
  1. What is your client’s marketing strategy?
  2. Planning your piece
  3. Guidelines to write
  4. Understanding the target audience
  5. Research
  6. Referencing and plagiarism
  1. Content structure
  2. Interviewing SMEs
  3. Grammar and vocabulary essentials
  4. Common errors
  1. Web content writing
  2. Video Scripts
  3. Infographics
  4. Technical Writing
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Research Writing
  7. Scientific Writing
  8. Copy writing
  9. Article Writing
  10. Copy Editing
  1. How much time to spend?
  2. What is the ideal word count?
  3. How to customize pieces?
  4. How to avoid colloquialisms as well as clichés?
  5. Do you have anything new to add?
  1. Are you giving solutions?
  2. Does your intro and conclusion read the same?
  3. Are you citing sources/over-using references?
  4. Are these your thoughts or simply a re-hash of the SME’s ideas?
  5. Have you introduced case studies?
  1. Tapping into keyword optimization, semantics, cogitation, internal linking
  2. Ensuring consistent tone and style
  3. Using analytics reports to make conclusions
  4. Incorporating different content types—video, info-graphics, eBooks, polls, reviews, interviews, etc.
  5. Engaging audiences
  6. Expanding your content’s impact and reach
  7. Re-using existing material
  1. What not do while writing a content
  2. What you assume may not be good for readers
  1. Writing by yourself
  2. Evaluation and feedback

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Duration 1 Month
Training period 30 hours
Sessions Weekdays/ Weekends
Modules covered 11 modules
Learning method Offline/Online
Price 15,000.00 18% GST

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