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Programming Knowledge is not required for Digital Marketing

Programming Knowledge is not required for Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry has confined the entire world with the advancement and popularity of digital prospect in the coming years. Most of the people have a question in mind, “Since code is the reason for the greater part of digital marketing, does experts require programming skills?” 

Frankly speaking – ‘NO’, programming/technical knowledge is not required for digital marketing. Though programming skills and technical knowledge is an added advantage, but in order to pursue a digital marketing course, you do not need to know programming. 

Digital Marketing profile is in itself a complete work profile, with lot of methods, ways to work around. A digital marketer needs a support of a programmer to make changes to the website or the landing pages. Such support is provided by technical people who have programming knowledge.

Digital marketing does not require you to possess coding skills, but there are lots of benefits if you know coding.

  • Room for experiment – A little or basic knowledge of coding will help you try by yourself, about how you can make a webpage more creative.
  • Discussion with the developer – It will help you to convey what you are exactly looking for and make the developer understand your specific needs.
  • Saves a lot of time – The basic knowledge of programming will help you solve minor issues on your own, like making changes to the titles, meta or modify keywords without depending on the developer.

In case, you are not specialized in programming, learning fundamentals of HTML and CSS can help you a great deal, as 90% of your tasks can be accomplished with essential HTML/CSS. Formatting and customizing web pages and embedding media becomes easy when you have the basic HTML knowledge. And anyone could learn HTML in 2 hours!

Digital marketing professionals do not need any programming abilities or coding background to begin their career. Some level of coding/technical background helps digital marketers in their work efficiency; however, there are not many marketing experts who have extended themselves to coding.


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