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SEO Training Workshop

SEO Training Workshop in Noida


DigitalKul runs one of the best SEO Training Workshop available in India. It’s the most comprehensive and practical training workshop on SEO. DigitalKul has been providing Digital Marketing & SEO courses through online and offline mediums. The workshop has been devised to be simple in learning thus people from all walks of life can attend and benefit from it. Search Engine optimization methodology is changing consistently and so is our curriculum at the SEO Training Workshop. Last updated in Feb 2017, the course now contains latest trends and updates in the search methodology.

The SEO training workshop generally happens on a Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. SEO benefits only those who are in the top of search results. We at DigitalKul, strive to guide you to be only at the top of the search results.

Our SEO Training Workshop is the best way to get skilled in Search Engine Optimization as it covers the following:

  • Knowing the importance of SEO
  • SEO basic concepts as to how the search engine works
  • Search engine crawlers
  • What are the different parts of a website and their importance in SEO
  • Importance of On-Site and Off-site works on SEO
  • SEO concepts, methods and changes to search ranking algorithms
  • On-Page methods for SEO
  • Off-Page methods for SEO
  • Extensive Question & Answer session

What is included in the SEO Workshop?

  1. SEO workshop course material
  2. Lunch & refreshments
  3. Certification for attendance of SEO Workshop

Who Will Benefit from the Workshop?

The SEO Workshop focuses on fundamental and practically proven SEO best practices. Any person, institution, organization or company looking to generate more traffic to their website will benefit from this training workshop. The workshop suits best to entrepreneurs, marketing managers, brand managers, sales managers, junior SEO analysts, website developers and business owners.

What is the benefit of attending the SEO Workshop?

The SEO Workshop will provide you the basics of SEO, which can lead to lot of benefits which include the following:

  1. Good Start to a SEO Career
  2. Can lay a foundation for your own upcoming business
  3. Enhance your website traffic
  4. Improve your product/brand online visibility

Help increase the leads/sales as better SEO will drive more traffic

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