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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2017

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital Marketing has been evolving in India in last few years. 2017, is going to be an exciting year for Digital Industry. Indian digital industry has been growing consistently since 2012. Digital marketing agencies and consultancies have been creating eye catching campaigns and generating good numbers of leads. Lot of medium and large organizations are continuously tilting their marketing budgets towards online mode of marketing. Lately, with the focus of Google and Facebook on local businesses, small business owners are also realizing the benefits of digital marketing. 2017, is expected to see an even more high growth in Digital Marketing front as organizations of all scale look to grab the attention of their discerning customer.

Why is Digital Marketing getting more important?

Digital Marketing is gaining even more importance in 2017 due to the following factors

  1. India is one of the fastest growing Smart Phone market. As more and more people use smart phones, more the time they spend on the internet.
  2. Its efforts are measurable and transparent
  3. This is very goal specific, much more than offline marketing
  4. ROI calculations are simpler and realistic
  5. People prefer less to drive/travel to shop, they rather like to surf and buy from home

Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital Marketing will gain even more importance in 2017 due to the below:

  1. The search engine algorithms are getting smarter. It is no longer easy to get quick gains in digital marketing
  2. Putting quantity of content is no longer fruitful. Content which is meaningful and entices audience to read and spend time is of critical importance
  3. Social media is gaining importance
  4. Online Reputation Management is gaining importance for all medium and large organizations
  5. Reviews, feedback and rating are gaining importance for consumers. Organizations need to manage these to get best results in their marketing efforts
  6. Paid advertising on the internet is getting expensive. Achieving ROI in this competitive scenario makes the jobs of digital marketers tougher.
  7. The Digital Marketers needs of industry will change from quantity to quality
  8. People specialized in Social Media, Analytics, SEO or PPC will be more in demand than general digital marketers

Hope you find the article a good read. Do drop in your comments and feedback.

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