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How to get high traffic on mobile website?

How to get high traffic on mobile website?

While many SEO experts are still trying to understand the search behaviors of their target group, their search has just got a bit difficult. For now, people are using devices of multiple resolutions to search for websites. Having said that, desktops are still the leading medium for global searches, but the mobile devices are fast catching up. Last year, 35% of all web searches were done from mobile devices. This fact alone should be enough to really think deeply about mobile searches. And for any SEO expert, the next question is: how to optimize the website for mobile searches? Well, that is what we are here to tell you. 

  • Short Tail Keywords: Let’s face it, typing in the mobile devices is a challenge. So, most of the surfers use the auto-complete feature to complete their search query. What this means for you is to use short tail keywords. The digital marketing courses might have already taught you that there is a stiff competition for places when you use the short tail keywords, so extra effort has to be put in to find such prospective keywords. 
  • Think Social: Again, you have to understand the psychology of mobile web surfers. They come to be entertained more than be informed. So, you should implement the social media buttons with each and every page. This will not only improve your prospects on the social media platforms, but also help the visitor to share information he/she deems good with others. 
  • Easy Navigation: Pressing the navigation links on the touchscreen devices can be challenging and more often than not you would find the visitors clicking on a link they did not want to. So, to counter this issue you have to prepare an easy navigation structure for them. Most popular way to do this is to implement vertical menus. 
  • Scale it down: Partly related to the earlier point, the visitors also do not like long and complicated menus. So, you would have to trim and keep only the most relevant pages in the initial menu. Maybe the broad categories could have sub-categories when the visitor surfs further. 
  • Image Sizes: Websites can get really slow loading when opened on mobile phones. And one of the main culprits are the large image file sizes. So, when you are looking to get good conversions through the mobile website you have to trim down the image file sizes. 
  • The Click-to-call: Mobile searches are done using a calling device, so you need to place your contact numbers in prominent position at all pages. The click-to-call option allows brands to get the doubts of the prospective customer cleared right when it comes to the mind. 
  • Short Content: While it is easier to read long sentences on the desktops, mobile phones are not the ideal devices to read. This is why your content should be shortened significantly and if you at all want to tell a lot, then using images would be a better option (as complimentary with the text).

With these checks in place, you can expect to get high traffic to the mobile website as well as great conversion rates. Now, that would be a dream come true, right?


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