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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development Services

Develop your gateway to success!

Did You Know: Visitors form an impression about your website within 50 milliseconds (whereas the literal blink of eye takes between 300 to 400 milliseconds)! And which is the area they view most in this shortest or short times? A study found that website visitors spend their first 5.94 seconds (on average) looking through the various graphics! If they like what they see, they will linger or move on. So, it your website design and development that helps create a first impression and propels businesses towards converting a visit into sale!

The online business world is ruthless, where second chances are hard to come by. So, first impression counts its weight in gold! But website design and development is not all about great looks. A website has to bring in targeted traffic to the website and then convert them with all the right visuals and good user experience. So, the core principles of digital marketing services need to be implemented in the designing and development process as well. Web pages today have to laden with the essential Search Engine Optimization features and other social buttons. It is only with the help of SEO friendly web pages and links that you can put forward your business proposition to the visitors with an intent to purchase.

Why Choose DigitalKul for Web Design and Development Services?

  • Eye Grabbing Designs: We can impress your website visitors with the correct use of colors, graphics and design.
  • SEO Friendly Designs: Our website development and design outputs always adhere to Digital marketing services guidelines. From link structure to the layout and content at the website, everything will help the Search Engine Optimization experts drive more traffic to the website.
  • User Friendly Layout: We understand that user experience is a key criteria for online business success. That is why we strive to provide glitch free and user friendly websites.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of designers and developers have no rough edges around them. They are well aware of the excepted industry standards, while they remain fearless in innovating something suitable for the client. We adopt the new, while keeping the accepted traditional ways intact.
  • Value for Money: Our competitive pricing and flexible packages give client’s their money’s worth.
  • On Time Deliveries, Every time: A promise is a promise for us, and when we promise you a delivery deadline – it will be met. We find ways to maintain delivery time-lines, no matter how challenging a project is.
  • Transparent Client Communications: We make sure you love your association with us. We understand that you know your business much better than us. We will take your suggestions and feedback through the project cycle, while giving you periodic work updates.

Our Web Design & Development Process

Websites being the face of your brand in the online world, need to handled by professionals who are capable enough. We understand that you may have various queries about how we will design and develop your website. So, we thought of explaining the entire process here.

  • Scope Analysis: When you send a query to us, one of our account managers will get back to you discuss the project requirements. Information about purpose, goals and target audience for the website will be gathered. After in-depth discussions and mutual scope freezing, we would provide a quotation.
  • Project Initiation: Once the fund is released, we will allocate experienced resources and prepare the required documents. Project would be initiated within some hours.
  • Strategy & Planning: By now we have gained a significant understanding about your business, which would enable us to create a map of your website and draft a delivery plan.
  • Wireframe & Mock Designs: Whether it is the complete wireframe of your website or some graphic elements to be used, we will send all the mock designs (with choices) for your approval.
  • Website Development: Once we receive approvals from your end, we will start the development and designing process for entire website. All parts of the web designing and development process, such as graphics, content, database and other programming changes will be implemented during this stage.
  • Website Testing: Once we are done with the initial design and development, we will forward the details to our testing team. Every aspect of the website will be minutely tested to provide a glitch-free end product.
  • Delivery and Go Live: After we receive a green signal from the testing team, we will send the final output to the client. After client approval it will be launched and all required files will be shared with client

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