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Why should you choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Why should you choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Digital marketing has become an exciting career option because of the fast addition in digital population. India’s Internet population has crossed 200 Million. Now India is the second highest in the world in the number of Internet connected population. It is expected that India’s Internet population will cross 500 Million by 2017 end. Indian ecommerce and industry has crossed $ 38 billion in 2016. As more and more people get onto the internet for social networking, information or shopping, the importance of marketing on internet is increasing significantly.

Digital Marketing scope has been increasing at a steady pace due to the following:

  • Steady increase in the penetration of Smart Phones
  • Increase in number of Internet friendly gadgets like Televisions etc.
  • Entry of 4G and especially players like Jio has increased the number of internet users
  • Various applications and platforms leading to fulfillment of enjoyment/shopping/knowledge needs.

Digital marketing provides an added advantage of highly customized and targeted approach to reach the customers, much more than the traditional marketing. Thus it has become an imminent part of marketing efforts. Thus companies are spending more and planning much more for digital marketing. As more and more companies invest in digital marketing, the requirement of Digital Marketers is increasing significantly.

A career in Digital Marketing is an excellent bet for a long time to come. Students or professionals trained can expect to be on a faster growth curve than other employment opportunities. It is expected that there will be more than 20 lac Digital Marketing jobs in India by 2020. Other than these full time jobs, the companies have started looking at professionals who are trained via small time courses.

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