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Marketing Tactics that actually work on LinkedIn

Marketing Tactics that actually work on LinkedIn

Facebook is often at the focal point of all social media marketing activities, and it deserves to get all the attention too. But, as taught during your digital marketing training, overlooking the enormous potential of other social networks is a fallacy you cannot commit as a digital marketing expert. Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn here. Did you know in the bygone year about 30% of all social media users remained active on LinkedIn, now which is traffic to be reckoned with? While many brands many LinkedIn included in their multi-channel marketing plans, their approach is quite disturbing. To reap benefits from the conglomeration of people at LinkedIn you have to first of all understand the psychology of the populace here. Being the biggest network for professionals, it is business like in nature. That means people will take a notice only when they find some value proposition in spending time. So, all your high pitched marketing content and activities to drive direct sales do not work here. So, exactly what works? Let’s check out.

  • Carry your Value through the Summary: As mentioned before, the busy going professionals will not be interested to check out just anything. This is why the Summary section for your profile should be paid utmost attention. You have to position yourself accurately among the users. The best way is to prick their problems and then tell them how you can solve it. You need to convince the prospects out there about your know-how and skills. Many a times showing them what you have done before and how you have solved problems, often gives your profile the traffic it needs. So, the summary should include a statement of what you do, followed by a synopsis about the experience, and emphasize on the accomplishments in the field. 
  • Establish your Expertise through Content Feed: Now, that you have aroused the interest it is time to take it one step ahead. The users will come to your profile in search some much needed information. Do not disappoint them. There are two ways to engage your customers through content. First, is to share things written by you in LinkedIn that exhibit your expertise in the domain. Original content routing to your website is a great way to impress. But, from time to time that should be mixed with good curate content. Sharing good content from other reputed names in the industry gives the users a notion that you remain well versed.
  • Reach them with Conversation Starter: LinkedIn offers a valuable tool in the form of Conversation Starter. Use it as a guideline to mail out to all the followers in your list. The trick lies with customizing each and every message. Bulk mails will not work on LinkedIn, you have to use the LinkedIn Conversation Starter to get the clue and then drive home the advantage with a problem statement and a solution.
  • Drive Home the advantage of Special Occasions: The notification feature sitting on top of your profile is a treasure of opportunities. Now, LinkedIn sends notification about all the connections on their special days. It would be a wise idea to reach out to the connections on their special days with good wishes and customized marketing messages. Remember: the marketing messages should not sound too loud and your main intention is to build the rapport here.
  • Get them to Mailing Lists: After having built your expertise, rapport and being seen as a source for good information, now is the time to really start converting some connections. So, the best way is to start a campaign with a landing page. Route the connections to that page in return for something exciting. Ask them to fill in their details and you have a list of prospects, ready to be converted, ready.

Today, each one of us has more than 500 connections in LinkedIn but often they go underutilized. Let us try and convert some of these and in the process you will find more success coming your way than you initially thought!


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