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How to earn more customers through YouTube Marketing?

How to earn more customers through YouTube Marketing?

YouTube is the present video streaming giant with millions of viewers each day, around the world. The next-gen customers are more influenced by videos than any written words, no matter how well they are sculpted. And this trend opens up new marketing opportunities for the brands. As each and every brand is looking to leverage the reach and power of YouTube, YouTube marketing has found its way into the curriculum of every reputed digital marketing training course. While brands can earn thousands of leads per day with YouTube marketing, there is also the risk of utter failure. Based on the market trends, there are some best practices coming up. So, take a look. 

  • Create Short Videos: Studies suggest that YouTube videos are mostly watched for relaxation, quick break and entertainment. Unless it is a large scale production, generally the YouTube audiences like short and simple videos. Long videos, taking longer buffering times, are not the ideal way to approach a YouTube marketing campaign. 
  • Do Some Research: Try and understand the specific age group, demography and economic strata of audiences you are targeting. Also keep an eye on all the YouTube videos your competitors are posting. A collaboration of both these will give you ideas about videos you should start producing. 
  • The Power of How-to Videos: YouTube statistics suggest that niche related “How-to” videos are the best way to promote your brand. When the video solves an important problem, it will get views. Just a small example would be ideal here. It was seen that more than 62% of Smartphone buyers made their purchase decisions after watching how-to videos! They not only bought it themselves, but also helped the videos go viral by liking and sharing it on social media. 
  • Never Mislead: If you are thinking about misleading the audiences with an appealing title and then showing them something completely different, then you are calling on big trouble. Brands engaging in such an unethical practice saw a large drop in their channel’s reach after an initial high. 
  • Optimize the Video: YouTube videos come up in Google search results too. This is why you should optimize with high potential keywords and Meta tags. Create a good, but relevant, title within 70 characters. 
  • Call-to-action: Any digital marketing training course would tell you that the placement of the call-to-action is very important to get leads. It remains of prime importance in YouTube marketing too. You can place the call-to-action wherever you deem fit, but it should not obstruct the view or flow of the video in any way. Call-to-action works best when you place them at the end of a video, after the audience has been impressed by your presentation. 
  • Go Social: Once the video has been posted on YouTube, you should promote it using the high traffic of social media sites, especially Facebook. Start the promotion by posting on your brand’s own Facebook page and may tag some relevant groups with it. You may also use paid promotion tools once some organic reach has been attained.

We hope we have been able to help you plan a great YouTube marketing campaign.


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